“I am Alfred” An Exercise in Mapping, and Designing Suitable Scenarios

Introducing Alfred

Six video clips, each giving a different view on the plight of Alfred. Click on each part and a clip will start. It is useful to make notes along the procedures to be followed when mapping. As a concise exercise the first three clips can be taken as input. Also have a look at the example.

The challenge is introduced by Rob, resident of the neighbourhood in which Alfred attempts to make a living. Rob is committed to supporting Alfred. That means diving into a range of controversies.
What is Alfred’s world? What are the people inhabiting that world and how do they relate to others, such as Rob?
A shopkeeper has a bond with Alfred; until things happen.
Rob is confronted by members of the community. They are concerned. Is giving Alfred chores to do in the neighbourhood wise. Doesn’t it give him the chance to opt for adding crime to chores?
What is all this in a public sense? Decipher what is said. Focus on Emile, who – at the start of the clip – mentions the constitution.
Back to Alfred, and interviewer Eldred. What are the plans?